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Ramir is pretty sure Kida's someone she'd like to aspire to be. She's on it, she's intense, she knows what she's about. And she does it all while looking amazing. What a lady. She also feels particularly endeared to her since Kida scooped Ramir out of some really unnerving torrenting water, so there's that, too.



She feels a lot of similarities between herself and Jason. They're wary in the same ways. He also solidly saved her ass when she lost her powers in Nalawi, which she takes very seriously. Ramir is sure she can depend on Jason when it matters, and she's told him she'll always have his back.



Cute, kinda geeky, but seems like a genuinely decent guy. He was also willing to babysit all night, which was a hell of a favor. Ramir doesn't plan to forget that she owes him one for that.



Obviously a fetishist. Have you seen that outfit?



An honest to god elf. And he's even got a healthy sense of humor! What more could anyone want?



He's strong! He's honestly as strong as she is! Holy shit, there's something you don't see every day. He's also cute when he laughs.



Rin strikes Ramir as a lady with her shit together. Usually. Unless she's being teased about anything sexy, which is frankly way too easy. But she can respect a lady who takes charge, and Rin certainly does that.



Ramir go any easier on Olivia than she does on anyone else, except Olivia actually makes Ramir feel slightly guilty about it once in a while. How the hell is any one person so pure? Teasing aside, Ramir would definitely punch anyone who hurt Olivia. It'd be like kicking a puppy, you sick fuck.



Riza is in the brigade of women that know what they're about, whom Ramir quietly thinks are awesome. She's like a competent, hot, commando lady. Her grandma would have loved this one.



Ramir can smell a nerd from a mile away, and the fact that he's not even a teenager (is he?) yet isn't going to stop her from mocking him. She might stop at shoving him into any lockers, though. She's pretty fond of him despite it — the kid is tough.



Okay, she'll admit it, she's a little salty that Hellboy was the one that got away from the Nalawi cultists when they and King got captured. But aside from that he's a big, endearing, dependable guy with some appreciable dry humor. If she ever loses her strength again, though, she's sticking with someone else.



Achilles went from hot-but-infuriating to someone she'll actually put some time into learning to get to know. Once you get past the insane wordiness and casual misogyny, he's really not that bad. He's at least willing to learn, which is worth a lot. She even feels a little sorry for him that he's so out of his depth culturally. He's still just as hot, though.



Have you seen this guy? He's like a male model straight out of a weird-but-fashionable-and-probably-not-totally-straight magazine. He's fun to flirt with and ask to explode things for her, in any case. Nice horns.



Natasha is a new acquaintance, but Ramir can feel her already joining the ALASTAIR league of extraordinary women. Plus, Ramir's into the dry humor.



He can hold his deer-booze. He's also a great brand of irreverent, Ramir can sense upcoming hours of bullshitting.



He kind of reminds her of her dad, which is annoying. She's done her damnedest to hate him, what with him being a cop and ridiculously goodly, but it's just not working out. She was delighted that he'd not only offer to teach her archery, but make her a bow himself. Quietly delighted. Gotta play it cool.



What an adorable pirate doctor. Look at those knuckle tattoos, have you seen his ALASTAIR username? Precious. His ability his fucking horrifying, though. Ramir's pretty sure she can keep him in line despite it.



Here's another nerd alert. Evan is ridiculous, and if it weren't for the fire stuff she'd say he's completely out of his depth here. But he's not totally helpless, so she's only marginally concerned he'll get himself killed. He was one of the main motivations for looking to get ALASTAIR recruits training each other. Get this boy some fighting skills, for god's sake. You gotta look out for your friends, even the nerdy ones. She feels a little bad that she got his eye pulled out by an imp that one time. She hasn't thought twice about how she was going to kiss him but then didn't.



He's a fucking dragon, no matter what he says. He's also pretty nice to look at, so no actual complaints there. They're friends because she said they are, and he seems to be going along with it. Nice.



For a guy that seems so initially uptight, he's actually pretty willing to accommodate her requests. He also seems to know just what to say to get her to actually give a shit (about the squidges in particular), and she'd resent being led around like that if she weren't going to get exactly what she wants out of it. Fair's fair.



He's a robot! How cool!! Just kidding, he's an omnic. She's never met an omnic before, but since he basically seems to be a person, just done in metal and without much in the way of expression, she's perfectly willing to treat him like a person.



Is he cool, or is he ridiculous? The jury is still out on that.



This guy also sucks, but in a way Ramir is pretty sure she can handle. She had warning about him from Finn and Poe, but as long as he's willing to give her an awesome weapon and train her, she'll put up with it. She'll be watching her back around him, but a bad reputation is definitely not going to stop her from studying under him.



A little weird, a little creepy, but overall a good guy, which she learned after he tried to murder him. She was scared of him for a while and hated that, so she made him kiss her to get over it. It mostly worked. She will always take care to be way, way away when he does his whole insane violence thing, though, because that's definitely for other people to deal with. She now considers him a pretty good friend.



Boyfriend?? This is a weird new experience, but Ramir has decided she's a fan of it. Sigma is pretty great, and actually manages to match her energy and enthusiasm. She's coming to care for him a whole lot, and he's the rest of the reason she wants recruits training each other. He is admittedly pretty useless, and she'll be pissed (also, totally crushed, but y'know) if he gets killed. She'd like to eventually start thinking longterm about him, but she's not convinced he'd like the picture she'd paint. She's opted not to think too hard about that.

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